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Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

First of all, alhamdulillah for everything I've been going through in my life either in hard or easy situation and thanks to only God I believe who always give me chances of living again in this kind of world every time I wake up in the morning. So for the first entry, I would like to introduce myself before I continue for the next chapter. It may look like a "biodata" but who cares? And yahh here I go. My name is Nur Fatin Syazwani binti Norman and I was born in Muar, Johor on 28th January 1997. I'm the 3rd out of 5 siblings and I'm the eldest sister in my family. I have two brothers and one little sister and little brother. My hobbies are randomly changed. Since I was a kid, I've a lot of ambitions; a doctor, a policewoman, an architect and so on. But when I grow up, I know I have to choose one and only career as my future job. For the flow plan I've made for my own sake, InshaAllah I want to be an intelligent programmer. If my plans doesn't going as what as I want it to be, I'll be a smart science computer teacher. My character? I used to be an open-minded person. I'm also a talkative person! I hate messy things and I'm a clean person exactly. I can't stand seeing any rubbish around me even a little tiny one. I'm a neat person and I really do take care of my things; even though the books on the bookshelves are in a slightly tilted condition, I'll let them be straight again. Hahaha very picky aite? I don't like people who used my things without my permission; I'm really sensitive about it. People who don't know who I am will easily assumed me as a fierce person. Heyyy try to get close with me and you'll know how funny I am, okay? For sure I gonna make your day with my insipid jokes huhuhu. Okay next is I'm 50-50 up to date with nowadays fashion. I may look like a lazy monkey  and a pretty mermaid (not so........................) to you sometimes. I have a husky-wet voice (sorry for the bad english) and don't afraid to on the phone with me, I'm still a woman. I could be savage sometimes because I'm not same like other woman; I'm so different. The way I walk is totally failed to be same like a real woman do. I like to be alone but hate to be lonely. I just love to spend my time staying in the room and doing nothing; feeling much better than staying in the crowd. I love to lend my ears for those who needs my help or needs my advice, you are warmly welcome to share your problems with me. I choose to be a quiet person when I can't even settle my problems because silent is the best way to keep yourself calm and don't you even try to force me to answer your questions when I'm quiet; I may blow up with those vulgar words that you'll never expect they come from myself. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you back. I don't easily getting mad for no reasons and once you try to make me happy, you're one of miracles. I think this is enough for my introduction (it's more than enough actually hahahahahahahaha). Okay I'll stop here. Goodnight everyone!

"Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy" 

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