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Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

What's up people? Alhamdulillah if everyone is always in a good condition :) So for the second entry, today I would like to talk about "ENGLISH". The topic was actually have been chosen by me since last week because I can't wait to write about it! Alright, so what's the first thing come out of your mind when I write "ENGLISH" as my topic? Speak in English? I found an English person? Definition of English? Hahaha if you guys think so, the answer is no. This English was a nightmare for me since I was a primary student and I want to write my "ENGLISH HISTORY". I don't like English since I was in Standard 1 but yahhh, I still can deal with it. English is one of compulsory subjects in my school (i guess everyone's school rite? Hahaha). I'm not coming from a "good English family" and we seldom use English as our daily language. Of course we use Malay language everyday because we are Malay people! Hahahahahaha okay annoying. Next is when I was in Standard 6, I was afraid with my English subject even though my grades were sometimes B sometimes A because I think I can't score A in UPSR examination. Alhamdulillah, Allah's gift can never be expected, I got A for my English subject and other subjects too! I just can't describe my feelings that time and thankful to my one and only God because willing to choose me to be in one of 6 5A students. Then, my journey was continued to secondary school. When I was in Form 3, the pressure from the teachers for getting A's in English and other subjects were too high for me. I know it was an important year for us because of PMR examination. I still remember before PMR's coming, I always got bad marks in class. I was the only one who got D for my English. Too bad, it was ONLY me. God knows how sad I was that time. I cried for getting D, it's totally sucks. A bad day, a bad life. Then, my English teacher asked me why my performance in English was so bad? I didn't know how to answer, it just.......don't know. Then she asked me, you want this to be happen forever in your life and not doing anything? At that time, I felt  like a big stone hit me so hard. Yes, I know I have to change. I have to improve my English. I don't want to be the worst person in everyone's eyes. So, I met my English mentor to get some help improving my English essay and so on and also met my English teacher to get some encouragement on how to get a better marks and be a better person in future. Alhamdulillah, after the results had been announced, I felt relieved that I got A for my English subjects! God knows the best for me :) When I was in Form 4, my English teacher choose me to be a mentor for English subject. I was speechless. I'm not that good in English and why my teacher chose me and why not someone else? After having a war with myself, I know this is the path given by God to let me out from giving up. I shouldn't give up and I should try because never try never know rite? Alhamdulillah, again I got A for my English subject for SPM examination. I just can't thanks enough to Allah for giving me chance in everything I want in my life :)) So as the conclusion here, I'm not telling you guys that I'm really good in English or an expert as well. I just want to share, if once you try, you'll find out what's the best and what's the worst for your life. I never stop having a bad mindset such as "English is hard and you won't get A for sure". Because of this mindset, I always failed to have a better thinking. I also still have a bad English till now hahahaha and I keep trying on how to speak in English well. Just use simple English like me for a beginning and keep practising! I always remind myself to have this kind of sentences "At least you try rather than keep judging people who never try". Once you failed doesn't mean you'll failed forever. So yaahh that's all for today!

"Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end"

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